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Some links and information that may be useful, taken from Government website or Nationally recognised Groups and Organisations.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) How to help safely April 2020
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  MIND - for better mental health  This link contains some useful general information for everyone - not just those who may be feeling anxious or worried.

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Launch of mental health hotline for children and young people


A children and young people’s mental health helpline has been launched in Wiltshire, BaNES, and Swindon by the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust which runs children’s mental health services in the region.  


Anyone concerned about a child or young person’s mental health (or the child or young person themselves) can phone the helpline and speak to mental health experts who will provide advice, guidance and support over the telephone.


The helpline will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be contacted as follows:

9am-5pm – weekdays 01865 903777

5pm-9am – weekdays and weekends 01865 901000


Helpful resources to support children and young people experiencing worries about coronavirus are also available on the following websites


Launch of mental health hotline for adults


A mental health helpline for adults in Wiltshire, BaNES and Swindon has also been set-up by the Avon and Wiltshire Partnership.  The number is

0300 3031320 and more information can be found here: