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Do you care about the volume of traffic in Lydiard Millicent?
If the answer is Yes, then please take a minute to respond to Wiltshire Council’s consultation on proposed changes because of Ridgeway Farm. Even if you think the proposals are good, please say so because there is no guarantee that they will be implemented.
You can access the proposals through Wiltshire Council’s website or by clicking on this link.
You must make your comments by 14 May 2018.
Very briefly, the main proposals (as they affect Lydiard Millicent) are:

• Closure of part of Purton Road only, from Swinley Drive to Mead Way.
• Extension of the weight restriction to limit use by HGVs on the Washpool Road.
• Reduction in speed limits, including along Purton Road and Washpool Road.

The original plan for the Ridgeway Farm was to channel most of the traffic, including HGVs, through the new estate road. Subject to this consultation, part of Purton Road will be closed, and a 30 mph speed limit will be introduced along the remaining stretch of Purton Road. However, if that doesn't happen, there will, inevitably, be repercussions for traffic through Lydiard Millicent. Residents living in Common Platt, Washpool and Stone Lane, in particular, have raised concern about the volume and nature of traffic using Washpool and Stone Lane as short cuts. None of these areas have pavements, which makes it very hard for residents to make even short journeys by foot safely.
Please take a look at the proposals for Washpool Road too - some residents think there should be a further speed restriction and additional traffic calming measures. The Casa Paolo junction is notorious and it can do no harm to let Wiltshire Council know of any concerns.
Of course, traffic travelling through Common Platt or Washpool have to end up somewhere, and it follows that there will most likely be a knock-on effect elsewhere in the Parish should the Washpool Road become the default route rather than the estate road.
Councillor Sarah Hill Wheeler
Howzat?! Cricket is back in Lydiard Millicent!
 The scene was set, pitch ready and sun out…. Lydiard Millicent Cricket Club won the toss and went into bat first in this first match back in thier own back yard after a number of years playing in the wilderness.